Please have the photos for your montage ready and to us at least 2 weeks before you would like to see it. Rush charges apply if under 2 weeks.  Rush services available and some are ready the same day ask  for details when you call.

Pictures must be numbered and in the order you would like to see them. Numbering can be done with a pencil on a post it note on BACK of the picture. (if using pen MAKE SURE the ink does not smear. (some pens transfer off the notes or pictures and onto the next picture.) Do not group photos and number groups Only number sequentially start to finish. If using digital photos re save them and number them in the sequence used. (for example if you have a digital jpg file named CIMG1413.jpg and you would like to use this photo in the sequence as picture number 15. copy it, rename the copy of CIMG1413.jpg to 15.jpg and this way we can reference where it will appear. By following this procedure you wont affect the original file.)

Pictures that are copyrighted must include a copyright release or will not be used!  Most photographers will have a release on hand or they may contact us.     

TITLES can be added for $2.00 per title (specify if correct spelling for title

and also which picture number it goes with on the title note.) If you have typed it send the word or Open Office document in IBM format.

CD Pictures to CD can be done 2 ways. (each disk can hold up to 640 mb of info

    Archive which is the picture saved on cd in any format ie. Bitmap, Targa, Tiff, etc 

                    IF NOT SPECIFIED TGA OR TARGA WILL BE USED it does not have effect between pictures. and is stored in Digital Television Resolution 720x486*

*can be stored in different resolutions please call if you need a specific resolution .

    Production, a smaller version of your production that will play only on your computer.

Resolution is usually lesser (320x216) and depending on your computer it could either play clean or jerky, (video card dependant with processor.) If you need another format please call for consult.

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