Event video


Event video is based on documentary style filming.  No places camera action calls.
Some corporations enjoy this style of filming rather than a single tripod at the back of the room.
This involves usually a hand held camera, with some planned instability, or motion to the camera.  Tripods will be used as per camera person discresion.  (usually length of event)

Whether your event be a Graduation, Family party, Vacation, Dance company going to a compatiton, Football team going to the playoffs?  Drill or cheer team invited to go to another county?  Band in the finals?  we'll get your memories for you Professionally captured!  

We'll film you virtually every moment.
Some people consider this style filming like unto MTV road rules. ( a documentary of people places and games while on the road.)

Event video is always done on a per bid basis and many factors come into play.
Day, weekend, or week. length of stay, meals and how many camera people you will need, are some of the things to think about. 
Does water come into play?  Do we need to bring special cameras such as an underwater equipment?  Do we need to bring solar chargers or are there wall plug-ins / car chargers.

We will cover all the necessary details give us a call so we can give you a bid!


56K 1min

56K 5 min

BroadBand 1 min

BroadBand 5 min



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